Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hello, my name is Susan and I have a fabric addiction!  I know there are many of you saying "Hi Susan"!

 I keep trying to use my stash, but then I have to go to MLQ store for coordinating fabric!
Then, of course, I see fabric on sale that is such a deal I have to have it. And I walk out with a pile of fabric to add to my stash! A vicious cycle!

Anyway, getting back to today, I have had this "cheater" fabric from an old line of Bonnie and Camille called "Bliss". So lovely!

I thought they would be pretty as economy blocks. So I went through the stash looking for coordination colors.   I had a few. But went looking for more.

I bought the green and the blue. And then, these polka dots, which are a bit off so may not work.

And then these blues from the "Lexington" Moda line because 
1) they were on sale

2) they go with all this fabric

That will one day be made into "Starlight Express" quilt from the book Jelly Rolls
by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

And don't forget these two rolls of neutral stash builders!

Stash builder, another word for addiction.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday because I know you will understand!

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