Sunday, May 5, 2013


 I was totally engrossed in these feathers.  Finished 15 of them before realizing I didn't wash the Essex Linen.  After washing, the linen shrunk, the cotton not so much. (I even washed one and lined dried it and still got 3/4" shrinkage)!

So now I am obsessed with taking these feathers apart! I spent 5 hours yesterday with the seam ripper and then re-pressing and basting.

I actually like the overall design of this layout better.  I remember seeing it on Anna Marie Horners' blog about a quilt for her son.

 It may not stay like this, but I like that it is not so square as the blocks would have been.

I am going through the stash looking for background material.  I feel like I wasted a yard and a half of linen, so I need to use what I have. Maybe I should sew it all back together!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Too Bad, How Sad

Well, lesson learned.  I washed one block and put it in the dryer on low.  The linen shrunk 3/4". Which I wouldn't mind, but the cotton fabric did not.

Notice all the puckering in the feather on the left.  I knew better, but got carried away in the moment.

Now I will be taking apart all my feathers.....arg!