Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not Again!!

Dear Beth,
I have been swept up again in an internet block craze!  This time it is the Economy Block.  I first saw it here on Rita's blog, Red Pepper Quilts, but the blocks were too small, 5", and I knew I wouldn't have enough to make a decent size quilt. It was easy to say no.  Then, Amanda, at Crazy Mom Quilts, enlarge the blocks! I couldn't resist.  But, like so many other times, Scrappy Trip Around the World, to name just one, I started gleefully cutting before thinking.  Now I have 12 blocks done, and I have gone through my scraps and have started hitting my stash.

But, I just don't have that much.  So, how about joining me?  I figure if we each do 24 squares, we would have enough for a charity quilt.  I used the Crazy Mom Quits tutorial and trimmed to blocks to 8.5"

Which fabric do you like for the final round, lime green or coral? I like them both but can't decide.

Looking forward to quilting with you on Wednesday? What are you working on?
Love, Sister Susan

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