Saturday, April 27, 2013

to wash or not to wash

I have gotten eleven AMH feathers done. Enough for a baby size quilt (though my feathers are smaller than hers).  I am considering making more, maybe a lap or twin size.

 But then, I had a fearsome thought!  I was reading AMH blog about the care of her new linen line.  In it she mentioned how when washed, her linen shrink in length 1/4"-1".  I used Essex Linen Natural for the background fabric in my feathers and I am concerned that it will shrink way more than the other cotton fabric. So now I am afraid to continue.  Has anyone used Essex linen?  What do you think?


  1. Yikes, I am so used to you prewashing. Maybe you can go on the Essex website and see if they have an answer

  2. visiting from Lily's Quilts. LOVE your feathers. I made some trousers for my wee boy using Essex Linen and didn't prewash - there wasn't any shrinkage so I think you'll be ok. If you're really worried, wash one as a trial?